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Archero MOD APK v1.3.6 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Today I would like to introduce to you an extremely interesting role-playing game, that is Archero (Unlimited Money, God Mode). Although only recently launched, this game has an extremely large number of players. Please accompany the character in the battle against the dark army. Failure will often happen but don’t get discouraged, go ahead. And now, it’s time to download and play Archero!

Summary about Archero MOD APK v1.3.6 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)
Latest Version1.6.3
Size103 Mb
RequestAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, God Mode, Onehit
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archero apk

In Archero, you will transform into a character using a weapon that is a bow and arrow. Everything happens when the dark legion decides to invade the earth, they release a lot of powerful monsters. The kingdom is in danger, but no one dared to stand up. If so, that person is you, hurrying into the war without limits. Level up, additional weapons to become stronger. The road ahead will be difficult, but the only option is to destroy them all.

download archero apk for android

Control operations in Archero are designed by the developer in a relatively reasonable and easy manner. Drag to move, release hand to attack. In the map of the game screen, players will have to move nimbly around. Taking advantage of terrain and obstacles to attack the enemy, while also protecting yourself from the enemy’s attacks. In addition, some additional skills by each character will be the most effective help in difficult situations. Not subjective because when the character’s blood level drops to 0, this means losing.

archero apk for android

In Archero, the number of monsters is extremely diverse, even with unusual mutants. They can randomly appear from anywhere, anytime without any specific location, notice. Along with that, the difficulty of each game screen is also different. Therefore, you must be well prepared. Traps, shot crystals are also something to worry about, dealing minor damage or stunning characters for a few seconds.

Be alert and focus as much as possible, otherwise you will easily die in the middle of the journey to save the world.

Archero MOD APK latest update on Android

Limited equipment upgrades and the amount of money is too small always makes gamers feel uncomfortable. As a result, the process of completing missions and fighting monsters will be much more difficult, even impossible to overcome. Archero MOD unlimited money, gems for Android version shared by MODMIENPHI below will solve all that problem.

archero mod apk

MOD features infinite money, gems, god mode and one hit will not make you feel disappointed. Kill super powerful monsters with just one hit, easily upgrade your character to the maximum level. Everything is simple!

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited gems.
  • God mode.
  • Onehit.

What’s new in version 1.3.6?

  • Newly added skills for battle.
  • New Equipment Class: Ancient Legendary.
  • New Coins concealer view feature.
  • Offline earnings for Sapphires.
  • Meteor and Star skills will now attack enemy areas.
  • Spring Festival event scene colors.
  • More rewards added in Battle Pass.
  • Bug fixes.

App reviews

Archero, developed by Habby, briefly topped Google Play and Appstore charts. Rarely has any game been so successful, the simple, distinctive gameplay with beautiful 3D graphics is probably the reason for tens of millions of downloads.

You can download the MOD version at high speed provided below. But if you are not satisfied or want to challenge more, you can choose the original version on Play Google.


Archero MOD is not a simple game, overcome the whole challenge not everyone can do. With unique gameplay leading the way in countless games today makes it incredibly popular. Spending a moment of entertainment and relaxation with this game has never been a bad idea. Please try the experience.

Download Archero MOD APK for Android

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