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Hack PUBG Mobile v0.16.5 (MEGA Hack, Anti ban)

Welcome to the PUBG Mobile hack developed and modified by MODMIENPHI. No need for high skills, no need to think well as long as you install the hacked version below everything will be a lot easier. This is the PUBG Mobile version for players who like to break the limits and win as quickly as possible. If you do not like this version, please do not say anything more.

PUBG Mobile game is released by Tencent Games. Although it has only been launched since 2018, this game has had millions of downloads worldwide. Similar to the PC version, the graphics of PUBG Mobile are most appreciated in today’s Battlegrounds games. Every detail and action scene is faithfully reproduced. You will not be able to complain in the slightest detail. Although the graphics are high, it is suitable for most platforms such as Android and iOS.

Summary about Hack PUBG Mobile v0.16.5 (MEGA Hack, Anti ban)
NamePUBG Mobile
Latest Version0.16.5
Size55 Mb
RequestAndroid 4.3
MOD FeaturesMENU Hack, Antiban
Get It OnDownload from Google Play


At the forefront of the Battlegrounds genre is nothing other than PUBG Mobile. Some other competitors like R.O.S (Rules of Survival) or Free Fire also cannot compete. With extremely attractive gameplay when you fight with 99 players on a large map. Everyone must fight and survive, there is no room for affection on the battlefield like this.

After choosing your location and skydiving, quickly search buildings and towns to pick up weapons, clothes, armor, ammunition and more. These items are scattered everywhere, dangerous locations often have better weapons. Be careful because maybe the opponent is already waiting there. If killed, all weapons and equipment will belong to them.

After a few minutes, the safety ring begins to shrink. If you’re outside, the damage will increase with the number of rounds it has shrunk. If you cannot make it in time, you will be disqualified.

There’s more, at certain times there will be airplanes dropping AirDrops (Care Packages) to random places on the map. Please quickly move to the place emitting red smoke to pick up this item box. It contains a few weapons that are usually not seen outside. Even so, be wary of opponents that can take you down at any time.

Is it possible to hack PUBG Mobile on Android?

Of course! Can use the hacked version that I introduced here. Some features work well on this hacked version such as Aimbots, no recoil, wallhack, macros,… more. All of these features help you to win the match. If you are not a highly skilled person, this is the PUBG Mobile hack version for you.

Some other features: Unlimited UC or unlimited BP are not real in PUBG Mobile. Most of the websites that provide these two features are fake and deceptive websites. You should be careful!

What’s in PUBG Mobile Hack?

In the hacked version, I packed the features into MEGA Hack. A menu with more than 15 features including basic and extended will appear when you use. Turning them on and off with the ON/OFF buttons is easy and convenient. I am not sure your account is not banned when using this hacked version. But the accounts I tested before had no problem. You can find out more about the features below.


This feature automatically targets and shoots when you press and hold the button. Everything is very simple without having to manually adjust it. However, this is also the feature that is checked by Tencent the most. Therefore, you should limit use.

No Recoil

In PUBG Mobile, to defeat enemies from a distance or near the most important thing, you have to hold the gun. This is a skill that not everyone can implement. This no recoil feature will help you pinpoint the gun at its best. All that’s left to do is click and fire.


You can easily see your opponents, cars, Air Drops and everything through the wall. This helps you align time, know where there are enemies and quickly get important items. Above all know the moves of the opponent.

Speed hack

Player’s run speed is increased when you are out of safety. Moreover, vehicles such as Buggy, UAZ, Dacia, Moto, Pickup, Minibus, boats,… are all speeded up faster than normal.

Unlimited ammo

It sounds ridiculous, but all you need to do in PUBG Mobile is pick up a few bullets then don’t care about it anymore. Although the gun runs out of ammunition, you can still shoot as normal. The hacked version has all the advantages for you, so this is also a feature that is very much checked by Tencent. But with PUBG Mobile Hack that I share, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Everything is safe with the Anti Ban feature below.

Anti Ban

No need to introduce much about this feature. All hacks are used anonymously. Therefore, Tencent cannot detect and ban your account. Or if you want to be sure, you can create another account to try first.

New features

Update 2/2/2020

  • Macro: Every character’s reaction is predictable. Automatically avoids bullets, uses Bandage, Firts aid kit, Painkiller and picks up items.

Update 29/1/2020

  • Flying in the air, telekill.

Update 14/1/2020

  • Detect enemy enemies around.

Update 3/1/2020

  • Automatically calculate blood to enter the safety ring. However, it does not matter much because there were speed hacks when outside the safe area.

How to install PUBG Mobile hack?

Extract tool: ZAchiver

Download the 5 files below to your device including: 3 apk files, 1 .host file, 1 .lua file

Step 1: Install the downloaded APK file in turn.

Step 2: Open MOD GAME VPN -> Select hosts file -> select Antiban PUBG -> Click OK to prohibit access.

Step 3: Exit to the main screen. Open Virtual (virtual space) – Authorize the application (allow) -> select Clean Data & Cache -> Add game.

Next to Local Games, find and add PUBG Mobile, GameGuardian.

Step 4: Go to GameGuardian (wait for a while it activates) -> OK -> Fix it -> Unloading drawer -> select Level 3.

Step 5: Click multitasking and then return to Virtual. At this time, there is a Start button in the lower right corner of the screen. Click Get started.

Step 6: Go to GameGuardian and select PUBG Mobile. OK, so done the installation.

Step 7: Turn on MENU hack and set up anti-couch feature. Watch the video below.


  1. If you can not login to your Facebook account. Please remove the Facebook application and log in.
  2. No emulator support. You can only be used on Android.
  3. If the virtual space fails, you can use other virtual spaces.

People also ask

My device is not rooted, can I play it?

No problem. The hack does not require root.

How to get unlimited UC and BP in PUBG?

No way. The only way is you use the money to buy. If the purpose you play for entertainment, I think this is not necessary.

How to get free gun skins?

Complete the mission: Kill 500 enemies with each gun.

Can I play PUBG Mobile offline?

No. This is an online game, every match has real players and only a small part of the bot.

App reviews

PUBG Mobile is the most popular survival shooting game on mobile platforms, namely Android and iOS. Own quality graphics and compelling action sequences. This is definitely a game that you cannot ignore. Although the capacity is up to 2.5 Gb, the current devices are nonetheless good. But if your device is low profile, please experience the PUBG Mobile Lite version.


PUBG Mobile Hack that I introduce here will help you a lot in the process of playing. No need to become a skilled player, wallhacks, macro, aimbots features will help you do this. All you need to do is destroy all enemies on the large map and take #1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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