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Stickman Legends MOD APK v2.4.45 (Unlimited money, VIP)

Stickman Legends: Shadow War is a free online action role-playing game for Android phones. The game will take you on an adventure adventure when there are countless enemies who are eager to destroy you. You must control a Ninja assassin to attack and destroy the dark army. Download Stickman Legends (MOD Unlimited Money, VIP) to your device to experience!

Summary about Stickman Legends MOD APK v2.4.45 (Unlimited money, VIP)
NameStickman Legends
Latest Version2.4.45
Size112 Mb
RequestAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, VIP, Free shopping
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Stickman Legends: Shadow War begins with a dark world where there are dark assassins. Your mission is to attack and destroy the dark army to conquer levels with different challenges and levels.In each adventure, you will control a ninja warrior to face countless Enemies and many weapons. The game is a harmonious combination of many different game genres. With the unique stick image that creates an impressive impression for every gamer.

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The gameplay of Stickman Legends can be said to be a combination of fighting and role-playing games. If in the fighting game is 1v1 then here will be 1 with many other opponents. The gameplay is quite crazy and continuous. Because the enemy will not stop attacking you until destroy you. Use the arrow keys and skills below to run and attack the enemy.

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Weapons are an indispensable item for ninjas in the battle of life and death. In Stickman Legends, the weapons all give players divine power. The power of the characters in the game is not limited but increasingly stronger. As you gain experience and level up, you can learn new skills.

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When equipped with many skills and weapons, the character will definitely become invincible. Any opponent will be at your feet. You will become a dark and energetic dark knight. Use your skills and weapons wisely, avoid being attacked and kill enemies to become a great hero.

stickman legends mod apk for android

However, in order to upgrade skills and buy weapons, money and experience are required. You want to experience all kinds of weapons and open many hegemony skills for your characters? Download the Stickman Legends MOD APK for Android version of MODMIENPHI. With this MOD version, completing missons is no longer difficult.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited energy.
  • Increase the bonus when watching videos.
  • VIP hack.
  • Free shopping.
  • Unlock all heroes.

How to install?

Experience the fascinating features of the game for free, surely everyone wants. To start installing this MOD version, you will follow these steps:

Step 1: Uninstall the original APK version in the device.

Step 2: Download the APK file (MOD version) to your device.

Step 3: Install and enter the game.

App reviews

Stickman Legends has a simple yet attractive and attractive storyline. The gameplay is a unique combination of role-playing and fighting game. Instead of the one-to-one solo style, in Stickman Legends: Shadow War alone you will have to fight with countless enemies from everywhere. The difficulty of the game also increases with the level. To survive well, you need to upgrade your character and equip more skills and new weapons.

Usually Stickman games will have simple 2D graphics but with Stickman Legends it is completely different. The game is designed in 3D, the eye-catching skill effects combined with crazy fighting scenes are really attractive. Stick character but also very cool design. The sound in the game with the sound of weapons hitting is really the highlight that increases the suspense for the game.


This is a great RGP game for your Android device. Be a hero to destroy the dark enemies and bring peace to the world. Quickly download the game at MODMIENPHI to experience it now!

Download Stickman Legends MOD APK for Android

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