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Every website has its own terms. However, the terms we offer will change at any time to suit the circumstances. Therefore, you should accept the terms we offer. And of course, it will be beneficial to you.

User information

We build MODMIENPHI with web 2.0 platform (WordPress) and do not require users to provide any information. We only ask users to provide genuine email to confirm that they are real users if they want to leave feedback below each article.

In addition, information such as passwords, personal information most of us do not collect. Our use of user experience tracking cookies is also removed by us.

The applications we provide are clean and contain no malicious code or viruses that steal any user’s information. So trust MODMIENPHI for a clean Android world.

Unauthorized use of our Services is prohibited

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Some of the external attachments we provide are moderated according to our own standards. Therefore, if any problems occur, we will not be responsible. Responsibility will belong to the publisher of this content.

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