The Entrance of Bling H2O Into the Bottled Water Market Research Paper

The entrance of Bling H2O into the bottled water market has offered an exquisite product to the consumers. If this product were introduced into the Australian Market, it would inevitably receive a mix of reactions from the consumers there. The Australian market has a tradition of liking to bottled water. Therefore, some of the Australian consumers would buy it because of its taste. Since Bling H2O is not a local product, more people would want to purchase it so as to experience the variety in taste that comes with it.


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For most individuals, geographic issues form a significant ingredient that determines their values and the things they intend to purchase. Individuals usually harbor a strong ancestral pride in the way they carry out their activities. Therefore, some Australian consumers are likely to reject the new product simply because it does not give them a sense of identification and pride as a nation. However, if adequate promotions are done that focus on its nature, some consumers can feel motivated to consume the brand.

Moreover, the high-spending consumers are more likely to receive this product positively since Bling H2O is more about maintaining ones image in the society. Perhaps a town such as Bundanoon, which outlawed bottled water, can re-introduce the use of bottled water if Bling H2O were available. This is because it is more environmentally friendly than the usual plastic bottles.

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